Street vending

In all timed stages of the rally and access to them is totally prohibited street selling, unless you have a permit from the organization or the municipality concerned.

Any stall that wants to carry out its activity, can pick up the accreditation in Rallycar from October 1, with hours from 9:00 h to 19:00 h.

If the request is made before October 1, a discount of 20 % will be applied.

Rally points of sale that do not sell drinks or sandwiches will have a cost of 60,00 €* for the rally. The rest of stalls where sandwiches, drinks, sweets etc. are sold, will have to apply for an authorization that will have a cost of 130,00 €* per rallye. (* Taxes not included). There is totally PROHIBIT the sale of alcoholic beverages.

The safety regulations of the R.F.E. de A must be complied with in all cases:

To download the application form: click Here

Payment must be made solely and exclusively by bank transfer