All the information you need to enjoy the Rallye Rías Altas

What vehicles can participate in the Rallye?
The Rallye Rías Altas is a test for historic vehicles, with two modalities: speed and regularity. Therefore there are several types of vehicles allowed. (Click on the question to have more info)
What license is needed to participate?
The Rallye Rías Altas is eligible for the Spanish Rally Championship for historic vehicles, so the licenses allowed by the RFEDA are valid.
Are valid to participate all licenses: Contestant, Pilot, Co-pilot, Assistance, issued by the FGA (Galician Automobile Federation) and any other Autonomic Federation.
Does my car need a technical passport?
Depending on the category you want to enroll in, it may be necessary for your car to have a technical passport. If so, we’ll help you get it. (Click on the question to have more info)
Where can I see the rallye?
Without leaving the city of A Coruña and without having to move you can see the participating vehicles. If you want to see more, Betanzos is a stopping point in the middle of the race. The timed sections are inscribed in a triangle between Pontedeume, Betanzos and Aranga.
How can I help with the rallye?
A rally like this one needs a lot of collaborators to be able to be carried out. If you want to live it from the inside and collaborate, you only have to contact us.
What is the form of contact with the organizers?
You can contact the organization by e-mail, telephone or through social networks. (Click on the question to have more info)